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Saturday, August 17, 2013

2013 Aug 12th email

Dang, summer's almost over!  Sorry, but that's ok.  Next time there is a summer, I'll be there, so no problem.

Glad you enjoyed your trip, sounded like it was a ton of fun.

The fruit in season right now is watermelon.  And it is THE BEST!  We eat a lot of it.  Yeah, they're everywhere in the street markets.

Jake, Mrs. Earl is the best, so hope you have her.  Just don't be an idiot in her class. Enjoy band.  Oh man, and you have AP summer work, best of luck on that!

Andrea, read!


1) As far as I know, no.

2) Transfer calls are 3 weeks from yesterday.  I love 2nd Branch. 

3)  Just weekly scores, and how that new quarterback is doing.

So, this last week was HOT.  Ridiculously hot.  I'm pretty sure I sweat off like 10 pounds last week, it's awesome.  Remember those blue pants I wore last year before I left?  Well, I still wear them, but a very tight knot must be tied for them to stay on.  I feel lighter.

SO, yeah invstigator work here is pretty slow.

But, we had 3 less actives in church Sunday, which beats the zone goal of 2, so that's good!  I've been working with them for a while, they're engaged, and the guy had started coming back for a while, and then stopped for a while, so we hope they're on the uphill again.

Anyway, not too much else to say.  Stay safe this week!  Don't do anything dumb!  

Have a good week!

Ju dua!
Elder Palmer

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