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Saturday, August 17, 2013

2013 July 29th email

Yeah, I got robbed.  So, like in my last email, please cancel my debit card so the guy doesn't take all my money.

So, I was in a bus, and it.  was.  packed.  I didn't even see it happen, but some of the other missionaries saw their backpacks unzipped and lost some menial stuff, so I decided to check to see if I was good.  Apparently not.  I'm kinda ticked right now.  But, I got some awesome pants still.

Last week we went to Kruje, but since our zone is the Tiranan zone and we can't really leave it we can't really go anywhere....

I have backed up pictures.

Yes, I write in my journal.  I am almost done with my big black one actually.

Glad you're all having out west, it sounds like a lot of fun!  wish I could be there.

1)  Really bad.  but, I inherited some dumbbells from a missionary that went home in March, so I have been using them.  Also, I have started doing curl-ups again, and I've realized ab workouts slim me down more than running.  It's weird, but true.

2)  Nope, but this last Thursday marked 20 years of the church in Albania.  2nd Branch said there was an activity, but it ended up being members bearing their testimony of the church for an hour.  Not bad, but I thought there was a party.

3)  The artificial lake where we run is a national park.  As far as other, not really.

Well, don't got too much to say.  We are still in epic finding mode, so no investigators close to baptism yet.  We found a young man, but he doesn't have a phone.  He's really promising, we just don't know how to contact him.

Well, have a good week this week!  Road tripping, that sounds fun actually.  I just realized I haven't driven a car in over a year.

Be safe this week!

Ju dua!

Elder Palmer

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