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Saturday, August 17, 2013

2013 June 10th email

Well, I'm staying another 3 months in 2nd Branch.  Unfortunately, I am not training.  One of the missionaries in the MTC went home, and I was the trainer removed from training after he left.  Not mad, but pretty dang disappointed.  The reward?  District Leader. 
But, I will be with an Elder Matson, who's been out about six months, in the group behind me.  We'll have fun together, I'm excited to work with him.  Also, I'm still with the Winders, they're hilarious.

Eric, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  You're definitely old, sorry.

Wow, last week of school.  This is kinda ridiculous.....  Where is the time going?
Nice, temple trip, sometimes I wish Albania had a temple, a spiritual overdose would be good sometimes for me here.  Yeah, I think I heard about that new policy from the Temple Presidency, definitely a good idea for the youth.  (walk in through the front door, past the big mural on the way to the baptistry)

Yeah, I knew Jerry comes home soon, I talk to Colin occasionally.  I come home exactly a year after him.  That's coming close, o geez........

1) See above

2)  District conference happens next week

3)  Much better.  A little sore still, but much, much better.  Running helps.

Jake and Andrea, enjoy your summer.

Well, the work here.  The 9 year old girl really likes church.  Having lessons with a 9 year old is difficult.  We teach simply, but we need to definitely make it more fun still.  She loves going to church and to primary, though, and the primary president helps us out a lot, and I assume she knows a lot better than I do.  But things go well with her.

Also, while stopping by a family's house, this old woman comes up to us and said she wants us to pray for her, because she might need another mouth operation and it's too expensive for her.  So, we went by, gave her a blessing, and talked about the Restoration, and left her a Book of Mormon, and she said she'd read it.  So, we'll stop by again this week to see her.

Also, we started meeting with another woman.  Originally, she just wanted English.  But, after our first lesson we left her 2 Nephi 31 to read and discuss next time.  The next time we met, she had a lot of questions concerning the Restoration, and after explaining it to her, it really caught her interest.  She asked, "how can I know if what you're saying is true?"  Well........the Book of Mormon could be a pretty good help.  So, things look promising with her.

As you can see, all my investigators are women. 
Well, that's about it.  Have a good week this week, be safe in everything you do!

Ju dua!

Elder Palmer

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