"And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins."

Thursday, September 26, 2013

2013 Sep 23 email

Why is everyone getting married?! 

Well, glad y'all had a good week.  As I always say, basketball is better, so let's let the best sport decide.  (Utah beat BYU in football last Saturday)

Yeah, long sleeve sweater.  I would still say large, but I'm not sure.  I don't think I took my sweater vest with me on my mission, so yeah...

The Boydells leave in November, just before Thanksgiving.  There's a new couple apparently coming in November.
 Jake, I remember those days......Like in those commercials you've seen, it gets better.  (Junior year)

Andrea, ah, World History.

Eric, geez....(Don't know....)

1)  No. (Again, don't know)

2) Yeah, there's an Elder who's a Ute fan.  He hates how just about everyone plans on going to BYU here after the mission

3) Qysh ke kenë?  Qysh po kalon?  Don't even try with google translate....(Well this is what the translator came up with: Since you have? Since going through?)

And it came to pass that lessons were taught, and testimonies did grow.  However, as one woman continued to be spiritually awesome, it came to pass that her husband did take her and the children to the faraway land of Greece for at least one week.  So, contact was lost.  For now.

Yesterday at church I was told I was giving a talk without ever being told.  I don't think I ever gave a talk that unprepared before.  I don't know how, but it lasted 10 minutes, I think.  I talked about missionary work, and I described how Brigham Young was an investigator and that the smart missionary's testimony meant nothing to him, while the inexperienced missionary's testimony got him good.  I also talked about David O. McKay saying, 'every member a missionary,' as well as President Hinckley saying, 'people think missionary work is only tracting, but there's a better way.'  Then, I talked about Elder Holland's talk when he said, 'would Joseph Smith and Hyrum blaspheme before God in their final hour?'  If you can tell, about halfway through my thought was, 'how on earth will I finish this talk?'  Nevertheless, I did, and people said it was good, so I'm glad.  I also taught Priesthood again, chapter 17 in the Lorenzo Snow book. 

Have a good week!  Be safe!  Don't do anything stupid!

Elder Pallmëri

Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 Sep 16 email

What's up?

Eric, you look like a red-neck with a beard.

Wow, Brock is done.....(Young man in our ward returning on 9/26)

That's cool, tell everyone that remembers I exist I say hi to them.  (Ward members asking about Scott)

Package?  Maybe skittles, but nothing else really.  I guess, like as far as Christmas, all I would ask is maybe a sweater, since now as missionaries we can wear sweaters instead of suits.  Members here say I have shed many kilos, so if I wear my suits that are too big for me now they'll think I gained it all back.  But, other than that, there's nothing I really need, I've been good.

The members say I speak better, but I am also more calm, I was pretty stiff when I was a greenie, and they now say I am much more calm, which is definitely true, and they have said I have changed a lot. Also, one member says I am too skinny now....

Alright, well, this last week when writing in my journal I have been writing in scripture language because I needed to amuse myself, so now I shall thus continue my writings in holy manner:

And it came to pass that much preaching was done in the land of Elbasan. After many hours laboring and preaching repentance to the Elbasan-ites, it came to pass that three hearts were touched:  one man and two women.  Therefore, the teaching of the Gospel began, and after the space of many moons, the man said to us: "I feel more full when we meet."  He is a good man, born of goodly parents who raised him with the idea of actually learning and being one of intelligence.  And thus, things were understood to him.

And now we return to the account when preaching and interacting with two women.  And it came to pass in the 20th hour of the 11th day of the 9th month in the 5 year of the reign of Obama, a women named halted and spoke to us.  And thus, on the morrow, we did meet, and she brought an acquaintance.  And thus the Book of Mormon was introduced to their lives, and throughout all the lesson, the question hit their minds: Why are their so many churches in the world?  And thus begins an account of the teachings of the Gospel with these two women.

And thus, while the working and tilling of the land of Elbasan goes forth, we received a call from the Elders, preaching down south in the land Lushnje.  Elder Knight, my father, sends word of a Lushnje-ite who wants to know the Gospel that has just moved northeast in the land of Elbasan.  And thus we marched our way forth to their domain, where we met a family: a wife, a husband, and 3 small children.  And yet, that is not all.  She comes with good tidings, saying:  "I have two friends here who want to learn as well."  And thus, our hearts were made full with the opportunities brought before us.  

And now, I make an end of my sayings for this time, being filled with the desire to save the souls of the ever-so-loving Elbasan-ites, the Lord has thus given us means by which we can declare His word, because of our faith.  And thus it is, amen.

I hope that doesn't sound blasphemous, or like I'm full of it.  It really was a good week, and I know it only happened because the Lord gave us the opportunity to find these people.

Anyway, have a good week!  Be safe!  Enjoy school!  Don't do anything stupid!

Boshtër Pallmëri

2013 Sep 9 email

It's a boy!  His name is Elder Jorgenson.  I'll send a picture of him in a sec. 

Dang, school started.  It's weird not being in school while everyone else is.

Jake, good luck, Junior year's hard, but you can get through it.

Andrea, glad you like 8th grade.

Wow, Kristen's engaged.  Everyone's thinking about marriage.  On my birthday....?!

So, being in Elbasan is weird, but it was weirder last week.  It's kinda soaked in that I'm back, and that I'm working with the same people again I worked with last year.  It is weird to be training in the same area I was trained.  But, it's good.

Yeah, there's a couple new members.  But, hey, I played the piano in sacrament yesterday in church.

We just met with a member before we got on internet, who just happened to let us know he's a member of 14 years!
We also have a couple investigators already. 

No, I haven't memorized the Articles of faith in Albanian.......yet.

So, yeah, things here are going.  A little slow, but they are going.

So, I have given birth to Elder Jorgenson.  He's good, we've been having fun together.  It's weird training, especially in lessons when the Boydells accompany us as well, and I realize I currently am the the bridge of communication between investigators and members.  But, we have been enjoying Elbasan. 

Well, have a good week this week!  Enjoy school, work, and whatever other thing you are doing this week.  Don't do anything stupid!

Ju dua!

Elder Palmer

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


He misses his guitar

 I thought he was ironing his shirts
but I think he is putting them out to dry.

Clean kitchen

He's been telling us how hot it is!

Monday, September 2, 2013

2013 Sep 2 email

Well this was an interesting weekend.....

Which is his favorite?
What's up family?

Happy birthday Grandpa Bob and Grandma Carlene!

So, I have been transferred back to Elbasan, and I will be training!  I can feel the contractions already!

So, the thing is transfer calls happen on Sunday nights, but I actually have been back in Elbasan since Friday.  For reasons that don't need to be explained, I got emergency transferred on Friday.  President called me Friday morning while weekly planning, and by Friday night I was back in Elbasan.  So, I am now with Elder Bilodeau until about Thursday, and then we will both get our trainees on Thursday.  Elder Bilodeau is also training in Elbasan, and he will be district leader.

Jake and Andrea, enjoy school.

Eric, I'll try to get a jersey.  (Soccer)

Yep, EFY did happen this week for all the youth (in Albania), and it was in the city of Korca, not Tirana.  A lot of Elbasan youth went, and they all bore their testimony about how awesome EFY was and how they grew spiritually.  Oh, the memories.....


1) See up top  (Transfer)

2) We take something called fergons.  They are big vans that are pretty much like taxis.  Nah, trains are never used.  When I got here, we actually had the Elders in Macedonia drive us over to Elbasan, since it was on the way.  At the time the Macedonia Elders had a car, since it was just two of them and a whole country.

3)  Yeah....Thanks Eric  (BYU/UVA game)

So, this transfer is a long one.  A REALLY long one.  Next transfer day?  January 1st, 2014.......4 months.  (Long transfer due to change in MTC training time.  A one time schedule change.)  But, I'm excited to train, and especially to be back in Elbasan.  It's weird being back in a city I have already served in. I have a different apartment.  It's the one the other companionship of Elders used when I was here last year.

 Elder Palmer with 
a street performer

Well, enjoy school!  Enjoy this week!  Don't do anything stupid!

Ju dua!

Elder Palmer

2013 Aug 26th email

Geez, y'all start school next week!

No, our district is all Americans.

Yeah, this week has been really hot as well.  Thanks to the heat, I have dropped weight, and members have noticed.  It's awesome!

Oh shoot, Brock's almost a dead Elder!  (A missionary from our ward who returns next month)

1) DANG!  I think I'll be on the computer later today, so I'll try to bring it then.  (not sure...)
2) It's fantastic.  I have no idea what's in it, I've learned over time since being here to not question what's in food, just enjoy the taste.  (Tave Dheu) 

3)  I'm really ready to move on to a different place.  I've been here too long.  But, I don't know what's happening to me still.

4)  Redskins and Cardinals  (NFL)

Well, the big think that happened  this last week is that we found two interesting new investigators.  One of them knows the scriptures better than me.  Yesterday in church in Priesthood he quoted from the book of Abraham..... 

Ok, well enjoy your last week of summer!  Jake and Andrea, enjoy school.  Eric, enjoy college and soccer!

Be safe this week!  Don't do anything stupid!

Ju dua!

Elder Palmer

2013 Aug 19th email

Nice, my blog is updated!  I just looked through it, that picture with the bridge and the lake, I have walked and ran several times on that bridge.

Dang, Spencer Leake is getting married....

Dang, Dave's gonna have a baby!

Oh crud, if we used bikes here the death toll of missionaries would be huge.  No, walking's better.  (Missionaries in Richmond ride bikes and have had a few close calls lately.)

I will send a picture this week!

1)  Yeah, it's happened.  Elder Finklea began in 2nd Branch, and he came back now to train because he knew the area.  That's what I want to do.  Kosovo is possible for me, not Macedonia, that's for the Serbs at this point.

2)  It's called Tave Dheu.  It's fantastic

3)  We went bowling again today.

4)  I did get it!  But, I forgot to bring it with me today.  Next week.  Don't worry, it's safe.

Well, things started picking up this week.  We found this guy while street contacting and he's awesome!  We already have him on a baptismal date for the 21st of September.  And, tonight we should be having an appointment with our recent convert and her son, who is a new investigator, so we're excited for that.

Plus, we finally had a meeting with a less active last week who's really cool, just incredibly busy and out of town a lot.  

So, things are starting to pick up here, and we're having fun.  Two more weeks of transfer.  I love 2nd Branch to death, but I have been here way too long now, so I'm ready for a change.

Yeah dad, the Branch President is awesome.  His name is President Gjini (gj is almost like a normal english 'j' sound, kinda hard to explain, I'll explain better in 10 months.  He really gets it too, so that's really good.
Anyway, have a good week!  Be safe!  Don't do anything stupid!  

Ju dua!
Elder Palmer
One last thing before I go:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!! (Jerry)