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Monday, September 2, 2013

2013 Aug 19th email

Nice, my blog is updated!  I just looked through it, that picture with the bridge and the lake, I have walked and ran several times on that bridge.

Dang, Spencer Leake is getting married....

Dang, Dave's gonna have a baby!

Oh crud, if we used bikes here the death toll of missionaries would be huge.  No, walking's better.  (Missionaries in Richmond ride bikes and have had a few close calls lately.)

I will send a picture this week!

1)  Yeah, it's happened.  Elder Finklea began in 2nd Branch, and he came back now to train because he knew the area.  That's what I want to do.  Kosovo is possible for me, not Macedonia, that's for the Serbs at this point.

2)  It's called Tave Dheu.  It's fantastic

3)  We went bowling again today.

4)  I did get it!  But, I forgot to bring it with me today.  Next week.  Don't worry, it's safe.

Well, things started picking up this week.  We found this guy while street contacting and he's awesome!  We already have him on a baptismal date for the 21st of September.  And, tonight we should be having an appointment with our recent convert and her son, who is a new investigator, so we're excited for that.

Plus, we finally had a meeting with a less active last week who's really cool, just incredibly busy and out of town a lot.  

So, things are starting to pick up here, and we're having fun.  Two more weeks of transfer.  I love 2nd Branch to death, but I have been here way too long now, so I'm ready for a change.

Yeah dad, the Branch President is awesome.  His name is President Gjini (gj is almost like a normal english 'j' sound, kinda hard to explain, I'll explain better in 10 months.  He really gets it too, so that's really good.
Anyway, have a good week!  Be safe!  Don't do anything stupid!  

Ju dua!
Elder Palmer
One last thing before I go:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!! (Jerry)

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