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Saturday, August 17, 2013

2013 July 15th email

Hey family, what's up?!

Yes, I hit my year mark on Thursday, which is kinda ridiculous.  Yeah, the time does fly.  I remember the beginning of Eric's mission.  That was really slow.  An Elder in my last district described the mission like a train, that slowly get faster as time goes.  That's how it is with each transfer, each one just goes faster and faster.  Which is true, because I'm at the halfway point at this transfer.  What the heck!?!?
Well, I might as well get the bad news out before the good.  As of July 30, Montenegro will no longer be a part of our mission.  It will be a part of the Adriatic North Mission.  It makes sense, the Adriatic North is all countries that speak Serbian or an extremely close dialect, plus Montenegro has like no Albanian speakers, so it's just not needed in our mission.  The two missionaries up there are really excited from what I've heard.  That also means the Westwoods, the senior couple up there that Grandma Carlene and Grandpa Jerry know, will also be with the North Mission now, so I probably won't meet them.

The baptism went very well.  I had to perform the ordinance twice because she kicked her leg out at the last second the first time, but it all went well.  And Elder Matson confirmed her yesterday, so it all went well.  

Yeah, I remember telling myself last year that I have time on the mission thinking of what I want to do.  Well, I'm over halfway done and haven't really thought about it too much.  Although, I have decided to take up the violin again when I get home.  I have finally understood why I hated it so much.  Having weekly lessons just made it feel like homework.  Teaching myself has always been more fun.  But, mom, I'm sorry for all the grief I put you through for like 18 years with the violin, but I do plan on continuing with it.  I know saying sorry isn't enough, but I'll think of something else in a year when I get back.  (No worries...)

Jake, they're gonna do a 50 miler next year I bet!  (High Adventure)

Andrea, have fun in Utah.

Nice, youth conference, Pacit shume qejf!  (very accomadating...I have no idea...)


1)  Nope, not in my mission......

2)  Yeah, I'm so excited for it!  Last transfer I wanted to get these slacks that are awesome, but President said no when he saw another missionary wearing them, but hopefully now I can!  We have to wait from President Ford to get the 'ok' to actually start living this new standard, but I think it will. Yeah, I was surprised about the jackets, too!  I like suits, we look CIA in suits.  But, I'm down with sweaters as well.

3)  Um, I'm not sure if I have run there.  The place I run is at 'liqeni atificiale,' or the artificial lake.  The place you wrote down is called, ' the hills of the lake.\  I don't know, could be the same place, but probably not the same.

So, yeah, that's my week.  I'm doing 3 exchanges this week, so it'll be a fun week.  Nothing really special going on, we need to be doing a bit more finding so we can get more progressing investigators, and also we're gonna start less-active hunting so we can help build the branch up for the stake.

Anyway, have fun this week.  Be safe!

Ju dua!

Elder Palmer

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