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Thursday, September 27, 2012

2012 September 26th MTC email-last one!

Hello Family, What is up?!

Yeah, it's weird to know this is my last P-day here, but I am also happy to know that in one week I am going to be a legit missionary.  Well, I forgot to bring my travel plans with me, so I'll come back at a later time to send them to you, but I do know for a fact that I am flying from Salt Lake to DC, and then to Vienna, and then to Tirana.  So, it really hasn't completely sunk in yet, but it will in a couple days.  I've gotten too used to this place.

Mom, I did get the camera case and the medications, thanks very much for that, and I'll make sure not to put my SD cards in the front case.  I remember the state (stake) fair, it was ok, I guess, I think I played volleyball.  Yeah, sarcasm was tough to give up, (for a week) and I definitely wasn't perfect, but I think I did a lot better.  I'm glad I can speak English now, there was this new district of Hungarians that had to go a whole week listening to us speak nothing but Albanian, and when they heard us speak English after the temple they thought it was the weirdest thing ever.  It is kinda weird, I'm used to saying certain words or phrases in Albanian now instead of English and I have to stop myself to make sure the people around me can understand what I'm saying.  But, I thought it was really helpful, my overall grammar usage is a lot better now.  That's cool that Laura Johnson (first sister missionary ever from our ward) leaves next week, tell her I say 'good luck' (Taken reference). 

Andrea, that's cool that you're in TSA,(Technology Student Association) but isn't that like the airport police?

Jake, I'm sorry Deep Run sticks at football (again).  Good luck with 10th grade, I'm sure it was as chill as it was for me.

Ok, dad's questions:  1: I kinda understood your instructions, but they were kinda confusing, maybe when I call you in DC you can explain how to call in Vienna. (phone card instructions)
2:  I think I should be ok for packing up, although it'll be interesting.  In Vienna my carry on bag can only weigh 18 lbs, so we'll see how that goes.
3:  I don't think I have any other general questions right now before I leave, if I do I'll ask at the airport.
4.  Yeah, you emailed me your dear-elder and I responded to it.

So, I was already told about BYU and Utah football games by grandpa Jerry, that's ok basketball is better anyway.  That's good that the Cardinals are good, and also that the Nats are legit, I still want that t-shirt if they win the world-series.

Dad, thanks for the letter about you getting in France the first time, it'll be interesting to see what happens, I hope I don't travel to my first area by myself, but I guess we'll see.

Ok, that's about it I think, if I have any other news I'll write it in the letter I'll write next week.

Ju dua,

Elder Palmer

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