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Saturday, September 8, 2012

2010 Aug 1 email-first from MTC

Ckemi family!
First, I'll start off by answering Dad's questions.  1: I have no idea how many missionaries are in the Adriatic South mission, but I would hazard a guess a max amount of maybe 120, but that seems really high.  I assume like a 5:1 ratio of elders to motras.  2:  So, yeah, during class and study time she just hangs around with the district, but she is part of a companionship with 2 sisters going to Hungary. Her nametag does have a "solo" sticker on it so people know she can walk around with a bunch of elders.  (There is one sister in his district)  My Philly rommates left yesterday morning at like 4 AM, woke me up too.  We were supposed to get new roommates with English speaking elders, but they haven't shown up yet.  3: the hashtag stuff means absolutely nothing, you can ask Eric.  It's a trendy thing, but I could have just written them in a normal sentence.  I don't have a twitter, but I have given in to using hashtags a bit, so it's just a trend.
Alright, anyway, on to other stuff.  Jake, I'm glad you enjoyed EFY.  I'm sure you got all the girl's numbers and now text them all the time #ladiesman.  Andrea, you're not a beginner at dance, I would know.  It sounds like mom and dad had fun in England, but that's probably because you didn't just explore castles the whole time #justkiddingdad.  (Actually, thats almost all we did.)  So, grandma (Carlene) actually told me about Randy Foye, and that's a legit pickup, especially since he's gonna play backup.  Eric, I think the Jazz already bought Raja Bell out anyway, and I wouldn't be against the idea of Josh Howard coming back, he played well before he got injured last season.  So has Dwight Howard been traded to the Bobcats yet?  In my humble opinion, I think he should just stay with the Magic, and the Magic should just assign him to the d-league for the entire season so he can be humbled.  
So, the language is coming along, I'm getting good at knowing what to say when I teach lessons rather than just memorizing lines.  I've been spending all day looking for Elder Crowley, but that kid has been avoiding me all day.  Also, Elder Wein already left for Chile yesterday, apparently he was already really good at Spanish and they put him in the intermediate class #notsurprised.  Also, tell the Fialas thanks for the tie, it's awesome.  Elder Pyron leaves for Vegas on Monday, a little jealous.  Elder Fiala's doing good, but I hardly ever see him.  Also, remember the kid who played Joseph Smith as a kid in the most recent Joseph Smith movie?  Well he reported to the MTC last week. His name is Nick Whitaker, and I think he died his hair red so that he won't be noticed #didntwork.  I think that's just about it, I can't really think of anything else to say, other than I love you all and I miss everyone very much!
Te dua!
Elder Palmer
PS:  Answer this conflicting question that's going on in my district.  So, when we fly out to Albania, we'll fly from SLC to either New York City or DC, then to Vienna, Austria, and then to Albania.  We were wondering if that, while on the 11 hour (I'm gonna die) flight to Austria, they show The Dark Knight Rises on the plane.  Would it be bad if we watched it? (Yes) Obviously we're advised not to, but it's gonna be right in our faces, and it's gonna be tough to look away from it the entire time.  Obviously this is assuming the movie is played at all, but usually they put new movies on planes before they're actually released, so it's possible. (Scott was bummed that the movie "The Dark Knight" came out two days after he reported to the MTC!)

Also, I just remembered, we're allowed to wear hats on p-day, so can you send me my VCU hat?  I miss it so much.  Falemindirit!

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