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Saturday, September 8, 2012

2012 Aug 22 email from MTC

What is up, family mine?  I was gonne write in Albanian, but the computer wouldn't let me switch to the Albanian keyboard, so I wrote it out the way you'd translate Albanian into English.  First, tell Sister Warnick thanks for the letter, it was awesome, I'll find time to write back next week.  Second, can you give me Grandpa Bob's address?  I need to respond to his letter still, I feel kinda bad about it.  I saw my great uncle, the one who works at BYU, who is grandpa Bob's brother, I forget his name.  I can't remember if he's on a mission himself, or if he's in a branch presidency, I think it's the latter. (Uncle Steve and Aunt Karen Benzley, preparing to serve in Rexburg, Idaho at BYU, as a professor.)
So, I'm kinda ticked that I lost the SD card, even though it's my fault. (See previous post about mailing)  I don't know how to get the bubble package, but I'll figure it out.  Dad, I'd retake the map pictures, but Elder Fiala left for the field yesterday.  See if Sister Fiala has any pictures with me in it.  I did get one last picture with him Monday before he left.  I saw Elders Dial and Bleyl walk in today, but I haven't seen Elder Romney yet, but I know he reported today.
I guess that stinks that Mr. Ransome is gone, (High school band teacher)  I never had a legit experience working with him, so  Jake and Eric can be the judge of his departure.  That does stinks that there's no director, what would happen if they don't hire a new one on time?
Alright, I'll start off with mom's questions.  First:  yes, all that money is for tithing, use it all.  Phew, now I can actually be here without guilt now that I am a full tithe payer.  Also, yes I did get both packages.  Thanks for the food, and I missed my VCU hat.  And the chips.  And the European kit kat bars #thebest. 
Alright, dads.  1: Yesterday we finally had our first general authority speak since I've been here.  It was Elder Anderson.  Since it was President Monson's birthday yesterday, he talked about him and his qualities.  It was called "10 things President Monson would say to you right now."  Crap, I wish I had my journal with me, but mostly it was tips on how to be a missionary, so I'll give a few of his quotes:
"Only compare yourself to yourself"
"NEVER ignore a prompting of the Spirit"
ALWAYS testify of Joseph Smith"
"Have a strong testimony of the Savior"
I know those are quotes that have been said before, but I really liked it, and I got quite a bit out of it.
2: I've tried using the wolverine once, and I have no idea how to use it, so if you could maybe dearelder a quick and easy guide on how to upload photos that would be fantastic.  I see you left a lot of family pictures in it, it was good to see your faces again.
Ok, sports.  All I can say is Kevin Kolb needs to go.  Hopefully RG3 will become a beast.  I'm pretty sure there's another quarterback out there unsigned who's better than him.  As far as NBA goes, has Derek Fisher gone anywhere yet?  What about Ronnie Brewer?  Is there absolutely nothing on the Jazz?  Remember, I want every last little detail about the team, no matter how important or unimportant the news is.  I already know it's gonna be Lakers-Heat finals right now, booking it.  And the Lakers will prolly win with Nash and Dwight Howard, so..........
How about baseball?  Are the Diamondbacks playoff bound?  That's all I really care as far as baseball.  And BYU football will be mediocre again, not so sure about basketball. 
Anyway, on last thing.  Can I get Elder Fiala's and Elder Pyron's address?  I wanna send them a letter before I get to Albania and it takes 4 months for them to get it.
Also, about the blog, I don't think I can get on it while I am in the MTC.  There's no address bar or anything, just links to myldsmail and lds.org.  I'll just check it out once I hit the field, and hopefully soon you'll receive my SD card, so there will be more pictures with that.  Anyway, I'm out of time, so I'll see ya next week.
Ju dua!
Elder Palmer

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