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Saturday, September 8, 2012

2012 Aug 29th email from MTC

Wattup family?

Ok, so they just installed new software for the computers, so I can send pictures via email now!  So I am gonna do that real quick.  You'll get another email with the other pictures.  I don't have too many right now, but I thought I'd send some.  One is Elder Nair, (Not posted yet) I know him from EFY, he's going to South Carolina, he actually left for the field a couple days ago.  Then there's me with Elder Fiala,(See entry dated Aug 14th, 12.) and then me, Elder Nelson, and Elder Romney.  Elder Romney is the blonde, and Elder Nelson is the other.

Ok, now I'll start the questions, first mom's.  Yeah, I ran into Elder Romney a couple times already in the past week, so it was good to see him.  That's about it for mom.  Dad, 1:  I haven't really had time to use the wolverine yet, so I'll find time to use that this week.  2:  (How much are you lifting?)  Oh,  you know, the max weight they got is 75 lbs, but that's too easy for me haha.  Nah, I'm not lifting a ton but I'm probably lifting more than I ever had.  Elder Finklea and Miller Elder (Hungarian Elder in my zone) are my fellow muskullkokes, and I go lifting with them, and I'm the wimpy kid while they're lifting really heavy stuff.  3:  I'm gonna guess I won't watch football in the MTC, but I know I'll probably hear it every Saturday night.

Eric, because of that I'm gonna talk even more about sports now.  If the Kings go to VA Beach that would be sick, but where would they play?  And hopefully the Jazz will be that good by 2016.

Ok, onto mission stuff.  We've been doing a ton of teaching this week, and with our new investigators, we're not going to receive any feedback for how we did after lessons this time, so we can only hope we do well.  We're doing ok,  So, I told you I'm district leader.  Everyone believes that Me and Elder Tanner will be the next zone leaders for my zone.  Since my zone is made up of one Albanian district, two Hungarian districts, and two big English districts, only missionaries going to foreign places are zone leaders, and since I have district leader training, everyone's saying it's us.  If it is, then it'll probably be cool.

Ok, so what else has been going on?  Not really sure.  The language is getting a lot better, we do SYL (Speak your language) Tuesday morning, all day Thursday, and Saturday night.  We've done a pretty crappy job with SYL as far as accountability goes, but this week we're gonna go hard in the paint and keep each other accountable.  I have almost no problem starting a conversation in Albanian, and for the most part I can understand my teachers when they speak.

So, this week, I finally finished 2 Nephi.  The ending chapters we're a lot about Isaiah's prophecies and the 2nd coming, and that the wicked will perish, so, it's good that I know that now, because if you asked me what happens in 2 Nephi before that I would have had no idea.

I can't believe it's been a whole year since I started BYU.  I remember thinking, "oh, the mission is so far away, I don't have to think about it now."  Well, I'm here.  Jake, sophomore year is about the easiest year you can have in high school, so make sure to enjoy it.  Andrea, 7th grade's pretty chill too, so do the same.  Eric, when you make it on the cover of MLS '14 send me the cover picture. (Eric is playing soccer at SVU this year.)

Eric, go onto my FB page, and if someone with the last name Hoxha added me, accept it.  He's a teacher.

So, wait, why do these emails not go onto my blog?  What's the point of a blog if there's no writing in it.  I'm not going to be able to write in it until I hit the field, so you might as well put these in here.  I don't think I'm writing anything too personal, and if I am you could just take it out.  I don't know, that's what I would do if I could.  (OK, I have been posting the MTC letters....)

Anyway, that's about it.  I'll give the wolverine another shot this week, we'll see how it goes.

Ju dua,

Elder Palmer

*I kept getting emails that it did not successfully send with the pictures, so I wasn't sure if you got them, so I sent this again.  If you got them, then ignore this.

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