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Saturday, September 8, 2012

2012 Aug 8th, email from MTC

Wattup family?
Ok, today I'll start by answering mom's questions first. 1:  I have stamps and envelopes for envelopes, they're at the MTC bookstore.  2:  I have not had my last shot yet, I will get a note in my mailbox about when to get them. (Typhoid) Some elders in my district need to get it too, and they have yet to receive their notes either.  3: I did sorta understand granpda's (Bob-wrote him a letter in Albanian) message, however, it's not perfect albanian grammar haha, but I understood it overall and appreciate it.  4:  Things to eat?  Honestly, as time goes on, all the food is pretty much at the same level as far as quality #goodolecannoncenter.  Jeremiah 4:19-20 describes MTC food pretty well.  They do serve Papa John's every friday, but by the time I get there all that's left is crappy pizza that has slices of tomatoes on it #whothecrapeatsthat?  And that's too bad about the Carters moving, they're good people, but I have friends who live in Palmyra, so maybe they'll meet them.  Dad, I'll be honest, I completely forgot you had shoulder surgery, so I hope you're doing well. (Right shoulder)
Alright, now with Dad's questions. 1: Yeah, I've seen Elder Crowley quite a few times, he's pretty excited to be here.  2: Our new roommates just arrived today, they will be serving in Hungary, so for the next couple days I'll be at their level of speaking, becuz I've learned a few words in Hungarian from hanging out with the current Hungarians in my zone.  The most interesting thing I learned in Albanian, let's see: çdo ditë unë jam shuffling dhe ne humbëm sepse ti je majmë!  That is "everyday I'm shuffling" from Party Rock Anthem and "we lost because you are fat!" from Nacho Libre.  So, that's about it overall
Ok, now time for me to say what's on my mind.  So, apparently the only way to send you photos is to mail you my SD card, which then you will mail back, so I'm probably gonna buy another mini SD card, they have them in the bookstore.
Tell Jake he's the man, and tell him and Andrea that I know they have more to say, but he's just too lazy.  (Jake and Andrea didn't much write this week-Jake had band camp and Andrea didn't have much to say.)
Anyways, that's crazy about Kevin O'Connor.  It looks like the entire franchise is pretty much entering the modern age of basketball, no more old fashioned management or coaching anymore.  But the new guy they hired is from the Spurs, which is really good, since they're a pretty smart franchise as well, so I feel pretty good about it.
So, Elder Pyron's in the mission field.  I can't wait until he and Elder Aldridge are companions, that'll create some interesting stories.
Thanks for making Eric do dearelder from now on #wastingemailtime
Today was a pretty exciting day because one of my best friends from college, Elder Shawn Nelson, reported to the MTC today.  He's going to Paraguay, so he's gonna be in the Provo MTC for like 3 weeks, and then he'll go to an MTC in either Argentina or Brazil.  I haven't seen him yet, but I'm excited my college friends are finally getting here.
I see Elder Fiala often here, he's got about two more weeks, he looks like he's ready to get out of here.  I'm jealous.  I still got like 8 and a half weeks left.  Counting down the days until October 1.  I was talking to people who served in Albania, they said if we had a 200 word vocabulary, we are technically fluent.  Well, I think I know 200 words by now, I'm ready to go.
Anwway, I'm outta time, 30 minutes isn't enough.
te dua,
Elder Palmer

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