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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

2014 March 31st email

So, I'm...................................staying!

So, I will remain a South Zone Leader for 6 more weeks.  Meaning, right after you skype me on Mother's Day, I will get my final transfer call.  That's ok, I'm ok with staying for a half-transfer.  I will be with Elder Bilodeau, who I was with for about a week about 6 months ago when I got emergency transferred to Elbasan.  I'm really excited to work with him though!
Elder Foster, however, will be opening the city of Prizren in Kosovo!  He will be one of the first two to ever work there!  Prizren is an extremely Muslim city.  Also, a good majority of the people in that city only speak Turkish, so he's in for a fun transfer!  I'm really excited for him, this is what he wanted!

1) I just said.  (transfer)

2)  What??  I feel like the haircut I've gotten now is like the best look I've ever had.  I got messed up hairstyle.....and I thought I finally found the one that worked!

3)  I guess just general-ed classes.  Man..... I'll be honest, I don't really know exactly what I would want to do with Linguistics.  Except that I do not want to teach.  I don't know, if you want to do some research so I might someday know what I'm doing, maybe that would be good.

Ok, so the money, hopefully that will be the last transaction for doing souvenir shopping.  I got Mom's and Andrea's last week.  So, hopefully with this that will be the end of money grabbing from the bank.  I don't want to be too stupid with money.

Anyway, to end the transfer, we had two baptisms!  A mom and a son.  They were awesome to teach! Now the goal is the father, who has read at least half the Book of Mormon.  
Anyway, that's about it this week.  Just like with any end of transfer, all the work seems to go away, so hopefully we will pick up the work quickly.  Gotta end on a high note of course!
Anyway, have a great week!  Be safe!  Don't do anything stupid!

Ju dua shumë!

Elder Palmer

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