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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

2014 April 7th email

What is up?!

 Scott with his "son" and "grandson"

So, things here in Lushnjë are going very well.  We are now 6 missionaries overall in this puny village.  And, despite all the craziness of transfers last week, we still were very productive, so we're happy with the way things are going.

Elder Bilodeau and I are doing well together, we're enjoying our time together.  The new Branch President is getting more and more acquainted, but he still relies on us a lot.  That's ok though.

Yeah, we watched conference, well, some of it.  We had to set it up on the computer for the members to watch live translated sessions, while we were in another room watching them in English.  So, I saw some, but I haven't heard all of Elder Holland's in English yet.

No, I haven't talked to roommates in a while.  I am hoping kinda that I can keep most of that out of my mind for the rest of my mission.  But, we are all aware we are living together.

1)  Yes.  Man, sorry, but there are gonna be some good viruses on that thing when I get home.  Albanian computers, man.  (picture backup)

2) No.  BUT, we right now are living with the other 2 Elders because they haven't found a house yet. One of them, Elder Clawson, has gone running with me a bit.  Today, we did a circle around the entire city.  Lushnjë is pretty small though.  No, sign me up now. (1/2 marathon)

3) I would be completely down with that.  A roadtrip would be amazing!  (road trip to Utah in the fall)

Anyway, so as the new transfer starts, all our potential investigators decided to go on vacation for the moment.  So, we had a slow week, sort of.  But, we found this  man on the road and we have had a couple lessons with him, and yesterday he showed up to watch both sessions of general conference that we showed, and he absolutely loved it!  So, we're excited to work with him.  So, yeah, that's really about it.  We're just waiting for a couple others to get back from Greece and Italy.  Also, we have a zone training tomorrow, which I am excited for.  I am the King of my zone right now!

Baptismal Font

Andrea, enjoy your trip!

Jake, enjoy spring break!

Well, I have been picked the missionary in my group that's going to be the trunkiest, since this is our last transfer.  Fortunately, that has just motivated me to decide to kick the crap out of them and get the best numbers!  Which is good because a ton of them are in Kosovo, which is always more difficult than Albania!


Have a great week!  Be safe!  Don't do anything stupid!

Ju dua shumë!

Elder Palmer

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