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Sunday, November 10, 2013

2013 Oct 21 email

ummmm, hi.....

Andrea, you are not allowed to get older..... (14th birthday)

Jake, you too.....(17th birthday)

But, Happy Birthday!

Eric, I've decided you're not allowed to get married.  Don't worry, I already emailed Kristen, and she reluctantly accepted it.  Don't ask how I got her email.

Don't worry, I'm in a good mood, just good ol' sarcasm, get ready for it.

So, I finally had the stones to weigh myself this last week, and I saw that I was 83 kilos!  or just under 183 pounds, which I think is the lightest I've weighed since Junior year.  I guess 300 push ups a day, as well as running 3 days a week helps.  I initially had a goal of 165 by the time I get home, but earlier I didn't think it was realistic, but I think it is now, so I'm gonna do it.  I have taken a lot of stuff out of my diet now, mostly anything bread.  And, plus, everyone talks about how much thinner I am, so, yeah, motivation.

1)  (How did you break the mirror?) So, I was just being me, you know, the whole lack of common sense thing kicks in, I was shaving, and there was a little shelf on the mirror, and I leaned on it, and it just breaks off.  
2)  (Christmas phone call?) Skype, no doubt.  But, that's over 2 months away, I don't want to think about Christmas just yet, mostly because Christmas Day kicks off the last 6 months of my mission....

3)  I'm not really sure.  I don't think it was celebrated by the people.  But, there is a YSA Halloween dance in Durres for members.  And, a Halloween dance for the youth in Tirana.

So, yeah, we got this awesome lady who went to church yesterday for all 3 hours!  It was awesome! She has a baptismal date for a week from Saturday, and if she comes to church on Sunday again for all 3 hours, she should be good.  So, I'm excited for her.  Her friend showed up to church yesterday and stayed for all of it, and he said he liked it.  We will hopefully meet with him tonight.

So, Eric, before you start dialing Kristen's number freaking out, asking what I said to her, relax, it was all a joke.  Still kinda annoyed that you can't wait for your brother to see something good happen in your life, but it's ok, I'm not mad.
(2 Peter 1:6, Titus 2:2, D&C 101:38, 2 Corinthians 6:4, Hebrews 6:12.  Find the common word)  (The word is Patience)

Also, I'm gonna need to take a picture for the cut-out, mostly because the people at the wedding need to see that I'm no longer Fat-Albert, I'm Hot-Guy, so all of Kristen's attractive friends can fight over taking pictures of my cut-out.

Have a great week!  Be safe!  Don't be stupid!

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