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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2013 Nov 11th email

Ok, so I wanted to send the pictures, but the thing is that this computer I am using is being stupid and won't connect my camera to it, so I can't upload jack right now.

Um, Elder Bilodeau and Elder Harvey are both from Boston, so maybe it's one of them?  (Someone who has visited the blog....)

So, I played basketball today with Tirana missionaries.  Man, I stink at sports these days.....

1)  I don't know car models at all.  It looked nice, though...

2)  I didn't really have time to tell them. 

3)  We walk like champs.  Gotta keep my figure at this point.

So, all we got right now as far as work is one girl, who is awesome!  Her sister got baptized the Sunday before I was transferred here, and she's doing good.  The problem is, in the school she signed up for, she has school Sundays, so church can be difficult.  However, she did come yesterday for all 3 hours, and she really enjoyed it, so we'll see where things go from there.

Other than that, everyone else pretty much told us they are either too busy to meet anymore and that they'll call us, or they lost interest, so we're in finding mode these days, but Elder Pierce and I are having fun and working hard.

Have a good week!  Don't be stupid!  Be safe!  Good luck on your race dad!

Ju dua!

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