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Sunday, November 10, 2013

2013 Oct 14th email

Korça was the best p-day because there isn't really much to do for P-day in Elbasan.

Sorry Eric, your team lost.  (Soccer)

Can Kristen handle sarcasm?  (Yes)

I'm currently making a list of very important questions that I will ask her on Christmas.  My sister-in-law needs to pass my test.  So, if she fails, well, then it's over.  That's what happens when you blow me off on my brother's wedding.  Just kidding.  But I still got questions for her on Christmas.  Also, I think that you need to make a life-size cut-out of me for the wedding, my presence must be there. The feeling of dry humor and awesome sarcasm must be felt at the reception.


1)  I have absolutely no idea, but apparently Albania is one of the most original countries in Europe.

2)  Yep, the tress are changing colors.  However, it's been very hot this week, and we are wearing suits now.....

3)  Um, I broke a mirror in the house, so I needed money to pay for a new one.  So, I just took a bigger amount out because of the fee....

So, things are going good.  We are teaching a family, but the mom is the main focus because the kids are all under 8, and the dad works ridiculous hours so church is difficult for him to come, so hopefully in the future.  But, the mom is doing great, but she couldn't come to church yesterday because one of the kids was sick.  But, things are going good.

Well, I just realized that I have been in Albania for over a year now.  I always thought it'd be weird to live outside the states for a year.  I remember how I thought this would go so slow.  Yeah right....

Well, that's about it.  Have a good week!  Don't do stupid stuff!

Ju dua!

Elder Palmer

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