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Saturday, May 11, 2013

2013 May 6th email

Hello, family how's it going?

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!  Love you!

So, yeah, hope your birthday was good mom.

Yes, I have been to Busch Gardens, but in Middle School I didn't ride roller coasters.  But, summer after I graduated high school I went with Dan and his family and Colin for his birthday and decided to man up and ride them, and it was fun.  Also, I went once about a month before I began my mission.  I like Apollo's Chariot the best.

Yes, we have English classes. but not right now, we'll start next week.  I've found most of my best investigators through it.

No, that picture was all 4 countries, there are only 10 missionaries total in Kosovo (6), Macedonia (2), and Montenegro (2).  Yeah, but President says he plans on increasing the mission amount to 82 before he's done (that's a lot of people).  (See picture on April 27th entry)

K, dad:

1)  As I said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!

2)  Yeah, I think there was a holiday on May 1, just like some sort of Labor Day.

Ok, so this last week, we have been working with a girl who's been going to church for 9 years  She's very active in the church, goes to seminary, and even does her personal progress. 

Also, we have another girl who came to church last week with her cousin and came up to us and said, "My cousin wants to be taught."  We've had two awesome lessons with her.

Also, yeah, the plan is that I will be on Skype at 6 my time, so 12 your time, so respond to this part ASAP if you can, because I'll be back on internet pretty quick later today if we need to discuss anything else, so keep your email on if I need to respond to something.

Andrea, glad you had fun.  (Busch Gardens)

Jake, thanks for the scores.  (Playoffs)

Eric, thanks for the picture. (Kristen)

Ok, well that's about it.  Have a great week!

Ju dua!

Elder Palmer

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