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Monday, April 29, 2013

2013 April 27th email

Hey what's up guys?

I know what you are expecting for Mother's Day, but again you're dead wrong.  We're skyping again! Yep, and my guess is probably around 6 here, so 12 there, so be prepared to go to morning church to get sacrament so you can talk to me for at least two hours.

The tie thing?  The small part was tucked under my shirt to hide it.  (See picture on 4/22/13 entry)

So, President has said he loves to go out with missionaries, but he hasn't done very many, but I will be asking him to help us out with an investigator of like 9 years who has a greater knowledge of the gospel and scriptures than me.
Yeah, I thought about it.  A year ago I was home from college, just hanging around for 3 months before the mission.  Is time going fast there, cuz it's flying here.  I remember during Eric's first year that year was very slow, but his second year just flew.  And now he pretty much could have re-done his entire mission again.  Next thing you know I'll be dead.

So, I just finished the Book of Mormon in Albanian, so now I don't know what I'll read next.  Maybe Jesus the Christ.

Um, no, Elder Foster was not in any of those pictures.  Those other two were the Zone Leaders, also Second Branch.

Ok, dad:

1)  Yea, 27 minutes.  But the week after was 31, and I'm pretty sure today was even worse.  We run every day now.

2)  Like I said, Skype's the plan again, and I think around 12 your time, but next Monday I'll confirm the time.

3) Yeah, I heard about Boston from the local Albanians.
This week:

1)  Yes, there's an ice cream stand we go every few times a week, it's really good.

2) Yeah, we've had baklava.  It's good but not my favorite.

3) hahaha

4)  Yeah, I just did

Alright, well cool, everyone's home from school.  (BYU)  You should tell them to email me because we're now allowed to email friends and pretty much anyone we want.  But yeah, tell them I say hi.

Anyway, so yeah there was a baptism from that girl who we handed off to the sisters.  I became friends with her because she kept showing up to English course.  I did give a talk during the baptism on the Holy Ghost.  The Winders did say that's someone I could count, but I'm not sure. Maybe Eric, the master of baptisms, can tell me if it counts.  By the way, Eric, I showed some missionaries the main picture of your blog, and they couldn't believe it.  In that day you had more baptisms than we get our entire missions.  (DRC Mission.  Each mission has its blessings and challenges.)

Anyway, love you all.  Don't worry, I am happy.  I am enjoying Tirana, it's a fun setting.

Jake, glad you enjoyed Mormon Prom.

Andrea, glad you're happy.  

Ok, well, have a great week!

Ju dua!

Elder Palmer

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