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Monday, May 27, 2013

2013 May 27th email


So, yeah, I just read on lds.org about her funeral services, sounded like it was really good.  (Sister Monson)

No idea who Brother Robinson is, but yeah, it's definitely a sacrifice.  (Seminary teacher, explained the word sacrifice comes from to make and sacred.)

Nice, good luck on the talk.  I've had to give two this past weekend.  I'll explain later.

Yeah, it's hot here.  It only gets worse though.  I haven't heard about Oklahoma, that's really too bad. (Tornadoes in Moore, OK)

Nice, Jake, you got your license!  Be safe.

Andrea, this week was pretty good, but whatever.

Dad, when I saw that Eric was getting fitted for suits, I thought it was for something else.  (Just getting a suit.)

1)  The shoes are doing good, one pair better than the other.  The back part of one pair is ruined, but that's ok.  I'm too busy to take the time to tie and untie, I'm busy.  The suits are doing good.

2)  No idea, school always ends and then re-begins.  (Schedule of summer vacation in Albania)

3) Tirana definitely has all the immigrants here, Tirana's the place where everyone in Albania migrates to get work.  (Wondering if Tirana is more diverse than other cities he has served in.)

K, this last week was pretty AWESOME!  Two baptisms!  Më në fund!  (finally)  After 10 months and six days of work, it has paid off and two investigators actually made it to the waters of baptism!  We had one on Friday night and the other Saturday.  I gave a talk on baptism, translated for our ward mission leader (an embassy worker), and confirmed one new member yesterday!  Elder Foster baptized and confirmed the other in the 1st Branch.  So, yeah, a pretty good week.

Yeah, so things are doing pretty good here.  We have about two weeks left as a companionship and then it's transfers.

Well, have a good week!  Happy Memorial Day!  Be safe!

Ju dua,

Elder Palmer

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