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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

2013 March 4th email

Hey, family, how's it going?  

Yeah, I'm starting this a little later because we did a scavenger hunt with our district (including Lushnje) and have ran around Fier all day.  So now I am doing email.

Ok, so soccer.  I am absolutely terrible. (Prefers basketball...) And the members let me know.  I just really stink at it.  We're actually playing soccer at 3 (9, your time) because we didn't play on Saturday because we went to a baptism in Lushnje, which I will talk about later.  There is a stadium that's pretty cheap that we rent for like 2 hours.  Yes, there is grass.

I have eaten at 2 members houses since being in Fier.  It's really good.  
This last week was good.  It was about half rain, half not.  But it is starting to get warm, which I am excited about.  Best of luck on the yard work.

Eric, very good.  I'll be home before you know it so I can be the annoying one again.

Yeah, I remember Brother Peck.  He was the YM President before I became a deacon, because Bro. McKeon was the President as soon as I got into YM.  Man, I'm old.

Is the church handbook, "Principles of the Gospel?"  (No) Hey, I heard the scriptures have gotten some major changes to it.  That sounds awesome, it'll be interesting to see them.

So, you restored the new Scooter, eh?  (Light bulb, stereo) So, which car will Eric take now? The truck still so that Jake can learn to drive stick?  (No, Eric will take Scooter, Jake the truck.  We haven't taught Jake to drive stick yet.)

Tell Jacob D. good luck, and I wish him a successful mission in Puerto Rico.

1)  Thanks for the warning.  I have been trying to be cautious so I don't come home broke before I start school.  I kinda wanna know how much money I have left, but I fear I am gonna get a pretty small number.  But, yeah, thanks for the advice on taking out a bit more money than just 20.  (ATM Fees)
2)  Yes, like I said, it is starting to get warmer, at least here.  I am nearer to the coast than Tirana or Elbasan or Kosovo.  But yeah, today is a very nice spring day.

3)  Can I see a bracket?  I'm gonna assume BYU didn't make it this year, but could you give me Tyler Haws' stats for the year?  I heard he has done some work.  Did VCU make it?  (March Madness-but the season is not over so there is no bracket yet)

Ok, so last week:

After P-day on Monday, we went out to a Member's house just to make a surprise visit.  No one was there.  Then we went to another house that we tracted into like a month ago to see how they were doing.  What happened?  They weren't interested at all.  Unfortunately, nothing else really happened after that, we did some contacting and nothing really came from that.

On Tuesday, we had district meeting, and then we found this giant store called ELKOS, which is apparently a branch of Wal-Mart or something, and we checked it out during lunch. I felt at home for a bit.  Anyway, that night we had branch FHE, and the topic was having FHE every week.  Then we played some games.

Wednesday, we had a lesson about the purpose of the sacrament and kinda reviewed the Gospel.  Then we had English that night and talked about patience and it's importance.

Thursday, we met with an investigator. Then we went up to Lushnje because Elder Christiansen had to do a baptismal interview.  Then, after that we went back and went to Institute that night.

Friday, we taught a lesson on the first part of the Plan of Salvation, up to what we do while we are on earth.  Then that night we had English again, and we talked about love and charity, which was good for me.
Saturday, we went to a baptism in the morning in Lushnje with an investigator, so she 
could see one herself.  She really liked it.  Then we had branch council.

Sunday, we had church in the morning, I taught YM's, about honoring mothers
and what not, which was good.  I forgot all about it, so it was a pretty short

lesson.  Then we went and ate a members like usual, and then we met with 
an investigator again and taught her about the Spirit World, what it's purpose is.

And then today, like I said, we did a scavenger hunt and ran around Fier 

all morning, and I'll send you pictures.  I was with Elder Bair for this scavenger

Anyway, that's about it for this week. Jake, enjoy driving but don't die.  Andrea,

draw.  Eric, hello.  Ok, love you!

Ju dua,

Elder Palmer

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