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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2013 March 24th email

Hey, family, what's up?

So, yeah, I'm in Tirana now.  Big city is weird, I'm not used to it.  So, this week we have been doing a lot of finding.  A LOT.  Just before transfers, the 2nd Branch area was pretty much whitewashed so we're both starting from scratch.  Just my luck, eh?


1)  This week wasn't much different.  I'm senior, but he's only 3 months behind me.  He just graduated last year.  He played basketball, and is one of 12 kids.  He's awesome at the language, he and I pretty much like the same music,  I don't know, kaq (that's it).  We get along great!

2) In all the 4 branches in Tirana, there are 12 missionaries.  2 in 1st Branch (Assistants), 4 in 2nd (us and ZLs), 4 in 3rd (regular companionship and other ZLs), and then 2 in 4th.  We walk.  No one rides bikes in this mission, which I'm glad because I just hate that stereotype.  We walked in Fier.

So, yeah, I don't got too much that happened.  There are two girls here in 2nd Branch that have come to church very often but haven't been baptized.  Then there's another that has come to church for a while but hasn't been taught yet, and we plan on teaching her tomorrow.

Unfortunately, that's really it.  Jake, don't die.  Mom, I didn't get your email....(Darn computer...I really thought I pushed send.)

Ok, well, that's about it.  Have a good week!  Take care!  Don't fail school!

Ju dua!

Elder Palmer

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  1. Dear Elder Palmer,

    We were supposed to meet you before you left, but we never did. I'm Angela Gjoligu. My husband is Andi Gjoligu. He's Albanian and he used to be the Branch Pres in 2nd branch. We know go to Glen Allen Ward in your home stake. Sister Pyron sent me your blog link. How exciting you are in 2nd Branch. Please, please, please tell everyone on there we LOVE them and MISS them so very much. You are so lucky to be in that wonderful city and in that wonderful branch. Work hard and bless those poor people with your faith. I remember reading that Ammon was able to convert the Lamanites because of his GREAT FAITH. Hopefully, if we have great faith we can convert many many Albanians. I'll try to find to check in every once in awhile, but I've got 5 kids so I'm pretty busy. We'll be praying for you.


    Angela Gjoligu