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Monday, March 18, 2013

2013 March 18th email

Hey, family, what's up?  
Dad, you are dead wrong!  I have been transferred to 2nd Branch in Tirana, and I will be serving with Elder Foster, who came in the group after me.  So, I am senior companion for the first time.  I am very excited for this opportunity in Tirana.

No, I completely forgot about Pi Day.  (3.14)

12 years in Virginia, I am so old......

Yeah, I already know my release date.  The thing is, ever since the age change from President Monson, President has been working with these dates forever.  The thing is before that, there's a cycle that the mission followed.  Transfers would be 3 months long, and then departing missionaries go home at the beginning of January, April, July, or October.  But, with the age change and the amount of time in the MTC shortened, he had to make some quick changes.  This current group goes home a few weeks early, the next group goes home like 3 weeks early, and the one after that, that group goes home a month early.   So, President worked with his area authority to refix the go home dates, so they're back to normal schedule, except mine because of the new mission president.

Jake, top fare!

Andrea, xham fare!  (?)

Eric, where you at?

K, so yeah, last week.  Monday, after email, we went villaging with the ZL's.  The investigator's name was found by missionaries in Tirana.  Anyway, we met him in Tepelen, a city like an hour from Fier.  

Tuesday, we went to Tirana and had zone training.  Elder Christiansen and I gave a training on 'Going about doing good,'. 

Wednesday, we met with people from English course. 

Thursday was the baptism day.  It was a very stormy day, but the plan was for him to get baptized in the sea. We spent most of the day wondering if we would be able to do the baptism.  Well, after an unpromising morning, Elder Bair told us that we're gonna go for it. So we did.  We arrived at the beach, and it was still very rainy and windy.  But, the best part was that as soon as we started the program, the storm ceased and the sun came out. Coincidence?  I think not.  The baptism happened, and we left just as the storm got worse again just after Elder Bair performed the ordinance.  Anyway, that storm just got worse as night came.  We were in the church and this massive bolt of lightning struck that it caused the outlets to spark.  It was ridiculous.  

Saturday, we went to Durres for Priesthood Meeting.  But, also, the first man baptized in Macedonia came, so that he could be recognized and sustained to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood (the first Macedonian).  It was a lot of fun.  I saw Elder Knight for the first time all transfer.

Sunday, we had church.  We went home then to weekly plan and get things set for the next missionaries and what-not.  Then, we spent about 40 minutes anxiously awaiting transfer calls.  The assistants called, and asked if they could talk to Christiansen, and told him where he's going.  Then I had to wait about 20 minutes before I got my call because they were going in alphabetical order.  I honestly thought I was going to stay in Fier once I found out Christiansen was leaving.  That's what the whole mission was thinking.  But, I was surprised to be transferred to Tirana in 2nd Branch.  I'm really excited for it, it's gonna be fun.  
Anyway, that's about it.  Eric, what's wrong with you?  (No email from his bro.)  K, love you and have a great week!

Ju dua,

Elder Palmer

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