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Monday, February 25, 2013

2013 Feb 25th email

Hello, how's America doing these days?  Eric, that's another week you bum.  (Brother didn't write....)

Anyway, sorry, I forgot to take any pictures last week, so I'll send you a picture of the bible next week.  I don't know exactly what version it is, (King James?) but it's the best bible in Albanian we have out here.

We do have access to the Ensign, but we're behind as far as getting them, so we don't have March Edition.  (There is a mention of Albanian Easter traditions in the March Ensign-"In Russia people often greet one another on Easter by saying, "Jesus is risen."  The other person replies, "Truly, He is risen."  In Albania the tradition is similar; they click red egg rocks together and say, "Christ is risen.")

Yeah, the Casadys told us there are a ton of new missions formed.  It's kinda cool, I wonder if the not-Albanian-speaking countries will ever separate from us and become its own mission.
Plain yogurt is disgusting.  That's why I stay away.

So, the baptism in Elbasan....  I don't know if I can go because Elbasan is not in the zone I am currently in.  In fact, I really haven't been in contact with Elbasan missionaries for a while, so hopefully by now they're on a baptismal date.

The jumping photographs?  How we did it?  Fantastic timing.

Have fun with the yardwork...

Congrats on those getting into BYU!  (BYU sent out acceptances last weekend.)  It's awesome over there.

Andrea, I wish I was undefeated. (Church ball)

Jake, love Driver's ed.  (Almost done)


1) The exchange in Tirana was a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed it.  The language there in Tirana is a little bit different than in Fier.  I don't know, Tirana and Elbasan are a bit similar, so it made me feel at home.  I wouldn't mind at all serving in Tirana next transfer.

2)  The only work I did in 2012 is the mailbox painting I did with Eric before I left, and I think he has a better idea of what I earned.  (tax prep)

Ok, so last week.  On Monday night after P-day, we had a lesson and taught  the Gospel of Christ.

On Tuesday, we went to Lushnje for district meeting.  We spent an hour picking up trash on the road for service, and then we actually went to the church to do district meeting.  Then after that we went back to Fier, we had an activity that night with the youth.  By the way, Elder Christiansen and I are the 'de-facto' YM Presidents, so we had to decide what we were gonna do that night.  We taught them how to dance.  We did 'cotton-eye-Joe,' and 'soulja boy,' and it was a ton of fun.  (To the cousins-can you tell me what dances these are?  Eric, do you know?)

Wednesday, I went with Elder Handerson (Elder Anderson has really big hands, and since there are two elder Andersons we call him 'Handerson.') to Tirana, and we taught some of his investigators.  

Thursday morning I went running for the first time in a while with Handerson.  So, after bruising my arteries for 20 minutes, we went back, showered, did studies and then went right back to Fier.

Friday, we taught a lesson in the morning with Sister Casady helping us, we talked about importance of baptism.  Then we did weekly planning and lunch and then we went to teach English, and taught about Faith after teaching English.  Afterwards we did Branch Council.

Saturday, we played soccer with the youth, as we always do, and then went home and did studies, and then we went and visited some members.

Well, that's it about me.  Enjoy this week, I can't believe this week I hit the year mark on receiving my mission call.  It's ridiculous.  Anyway, take care this week!

Ju dua,
Elder Palmer   

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