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Sunday, April 14, 2013

2013 April 1st email

what's going on?

Ok, so that's weird.  I had no idea Brother Gjoligu was ever the 2nd Branch President.  I talked to him like twice, but didn't really talk too much about his time in Albania.  That'll be cool to talk to him after the mish. (See comment on March 25th post)

Yes we can watch conference, but only the morning sessions, which will begin at 6 PM here.  All the Tirana missionaries will actually be watching it at President's house.

Preach My Gospel has been pretty helpful during the mission.  How to teach, how to teach with the Spirit, how to recognize it.  Honestly, just reading it constantly and applying it constantly in your work is how you can best utilize it.

Sounds like the hike was fun.  I bet I wouldn't have complained that time. (Cold Mountain, VA)

So, dad:

1)  So, April Fools day is called "The Day of Liars" here.  And I think people here take the day more seriously than Americans do.  We have a dinner appointment tonight at 6:30, so we will see.
2)  Man, I had to keep reminding myself that it was Easter.  I honestly forgot.  The members passed out colored eggs and we tapped them with each other and said, "Gexuar Peshkat" (Happy Easter).  Otherwise, we went to the Winders (2nd and 4th Branch couple) house and ate ham and french toast.

3)  So, yeah, Tirana is big.  The city is just more active.  The people are more active.  It's weird.  Fier and Elbasan are a lot more quiet. The thing is with small cities you make more friends, and the people know you more because it's smaller. That doesn't happen here.

4)  Yeah, sorry I forgot, there's a sister companionship that covers 1st and 3rd branch areas.  I think next transfer a sister companionship will be opened in the 2nd and 4th branch areas.

Alright, take it easy this week.  I can't believe it's spring break already for you, Jake.  Enjoy driving!  Andrea, sore legs are good for you.  Eric, don't fail.
Ju dua!

Elder Palmer

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