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Monday, February 4, 2013

2013 Feb 4th email

Hello, family, how's it going?

Yeah, it's February and I got my call last year in February, what is this?  Actually, Elder Christiansen and I got our calls on the same day, he just reported before me.  In fact, there was an elder in the group before me that got his call like a month after me.  Yeah, weird.

Um, there is not any other language in the world that is like Albanian at all.  A lot of Albanians do speak Italian because their tv shows are often dubbed in Italian, but  I haven't met anyone that knows Italian but not Albanian, so no issues there.

I have no idea what food is grown in Albania, but I would think pomegranates and kiwis are grown in Albania.  I do have access to fish, but I stay away like a champ.


1) Not at all. (Cannot elaborate on this yet)

2)  I would say I was street contacting at like 7.  It gets dark around 4:30-5 here.

3)  So we do the dirty dozen, which is where you do one regular pushup and one pushup on the wall, then 2 on the ground and then 2 on the wall, then 3 on each, all the way to 12, and then all the way back down to 1.

So, you bought a new car, eh? And you didn't think of sending me a picture to see what it looks like?  Come on, man.....

Jake, go Ravens.  (Hey dad, how about you tell me about how "well" Alex Smith did this season.......AS A BACKUP)  (Super Bowl.  Mark wanted Alex Smith to play all season.)

Andrea, draw......and keep drawing.

Also, one of the members of our branch actually just left for her own mission.  She will be serving in Milan, Italy, and reports to Provo tomorrow.  She already knows Italian, so she will only be there for a couple weeks I think.

We also had mission conference on Wednesday in Tirana, which was fun, got to see missionaries I haven't seen in a while.  And we actually have zone training tomorrow here in Fier, so that's convenient for us.  And also, I did an exchange with one of the Zone Leaders, Elder Cannon, on Friday.  He and I stayed in Fier while Elder Anderson and Christiansen went up to Tirana.  All the leadership in this mission is now set in Fier, but the ZLs have cars so it's no problem for them.  It was a fun exchange, Elder Cannon's a cool guy.

Anyway, that's about it for this week.  I was looking at my blog, that picture is of me holding a Pizza Roma.  (See 2013 Jan 21st email.)  I know it's big, but it's 2 bucks.  (Another frugal Palmer finds his way!)  Anyway, have a good week, take care!

"Do you have a question
for the Lord?"

Ju dua!

Elder Palmer

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