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Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 Feb 11th email

Hello, there.

How is everything going?  So, yeah. very nice on the new car.  Mom, dad already sent me a picture.

So, things here have gone pretty well.  We teach, we walk, we eat, sleep.  all that stuff.

Yes, I have seen an Albanian Strength of Youth pamphlet.  Some of the translations are different.  On the "dating" section, it's just titled, "meeting."  As far as I know, yes, the members here do use it.  So yeah, I sent a picture of my apartment in Fier.  Yeah, it's pretty dang nice.

I think I will go to Tirana sometime next month for zone training, but if President ever comes down he brings mail, or if the couple goes to Tirana for whatever reason they get the mail.

Music?  It's called popullore.  I am sure it's on youtube.  

Yeah, I got two letters written to me, no names were written on it, so whatever. (Youth wrote letters to the missionaries at an activity in December)

 Frankfurt, Germany until next April when Rome is finished.  (temple district)

Andrea, I'm sorry that everything you do is pointless.

Jake, very good.  I don't think I ever beat Gayton, but ask Eric to confirm. (Church basketball)

So, yeah, this last week was pretty good.  Nothing really exciting happened though.  On Wednesday we did an exchange with the elders in Lushnje because Elder Christiansen had to go do a baptism interview, so I was with Elder Webb for a day.  It was pretty fun, he's a good missionary, we had fun.  So, yeah, really all else exciting happened was I finally got an Albanian Bible.  It looks really nice, I'll send a picture next week.  We also had zone training here in Fier last week, which was good, learned how to use family history to gain investigators and to activate less actives.

Anyway, that really is it for this week, nothing too special going on.  Have a great week, may you last well and may the Lord bless you!

Ju dua!
Elder Palmer

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