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Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Jan 7th email

So, yeah, I am no longer in Elbasan, I am in Fier.  Fier, known for the best food in the mission as well, which is true from what I have tasted, so that's not good.

Ok Dad:

1)  Both Fier and Elbasan are pretty quiet cities, but the quality of food in Fier is better than Elbasan, like I said.  There's no church building in Fier, we have a building that we use instead.  There's only about 30 people in church here, compared to about 60 in Elbasan, and Elder Casady (of the couple) is the Branch President, and I believe Elder Bair is the 1st Counselor.

2)  Nope, separate apartments.  I think there is only 2 companionships that live together in this mission, and they both are in Tirana.  So yeah, we have the Casadys in here, but the city of Lushnje is also in our district, but there's no couple there I don't think.

3)  What else do they do?  They close down their shops for at least 3 days.

Jake, who's 'Hayward' jersey did you sport?  (Jazz Basketball)

Andrea, that stinks.  (Andrea had the flu on the plane ride home from Utah)

So, sounds like it you all had fun in Utah for Christmas vacation.  Yeah, I am sure that was another movie I need to watch come post-mish.  (Hobbit)

So, yeah, Fier.  It's a nice city.  The work here is definitely a lot bit tougher than in Elbasan, no doubt about that.  Yes, Elder Bair is definitely the best cook in the mission, not just Fier.  No, the branch is definitely a lot smaller than in Elbasan, about half as many people come to church than in Elbasan.  It definitely is a lot warmer here than in Elbasan.

Ok, so this last week.  Obviously the first week is tough for two missionaries white-washing a city,  so we're pretty much starting from scratch.  We found a man on the road, had a good discussion, gave him a Book of Mormon, and he showed up at church yesterday.  But we're taking it slowly,  because he still has a few questions.  We also met with a few contacts that the other missionaries left for us.

So, Jacob (from our ward) is going to Puerto Rico, eh?  Didn't his brother go there? (no)

Yep, that's really it for now, the work is slow but we're working hard, so take it easy back in America!

Ju dua!

Elder Palmer

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