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Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Jan 1 email

Well, I am out of Elbasan.  I have now been transferred to the city of Fier, which is close along the coast now.  Elder Knight is staying in Elbasan with his new companion, Elder Ferguson.  My new companion is Elder Christiansen.  I am kinda bummed out that I left Elbasan already because I just grew attached to that city in 3 months and really hoped that I could do one more transfer there, but no.  But I am excited to start work here in Fier.

Yep, I am 20, which means dad is 51.  Yes, I am now no longer a teenager, but the real question is, is the maturity level any different.  I'll just say kismet to that..

Eric, you're right, the mission is the best, and that's why it was hard to leave Elbasan because I became tight with a lot of the members, and honestly it just stunk to leave, I felt like I didn't finish my work there, but what can I do, eh?

1) Yeah, like I said, I got transferred, I am in the city of Fier now, at least until March 20.

2) Yeah, on my birthday, like I said, we just had some very interesting lessons.  I haven't bought myself anything yet, but maybe today, although I think we are just going around town to get to know the area better.

3)  Last night was incredible.  Right at midnight the city pretty much exploded with fireworks, it was awesome.  I got a video, but I can't send video through this email.

 (This is a video of New Year's fireworks in Fier from YouTube.
All the fireworks are being set off of rooftops at random!)

4) There's 44 missionaries here in Albania.  1 Australian, 2 Canadians, the rest Americans.  But the new guys come in on Thursday, and one of them is British, so the Ford's will like that.  The old guys left for home last night.

Dad, I will let you know that I was very awkward when I first hit the mission field, and didn't get really comfortable until like halfway in the transfer.

So it sounds like the trip to Utah is pretty fun.  Anything else you did other than a magic show in Vegas, or was that it?  And you just finished hanging out in St. George?  What else are you going to do in Riverton, other than a Jazz game?  Just hang out?  That always is fun.

Anyway, so yeah, both Elder Christiansen and I are new to Fier, the only Elder still in Fier from last transfer is Elder Bair, from Blackfoot, ID, and he is with Elder Wagstaff from my MTC group.  And the couple here is the Casadies, and they're pretty funny, so this should be a fun district.  This week we will probably just try to get to know the area, meet some members, and and try to get with the investigators the last missionaries were working with, so it should be an interesting week.

Anyway, that's really all I have to say this week.  I am gonna send some pictures of some members in Elbasan too, so enjoy them.  Take care, and gëzuar vitin e ri! (Happy New Year!)

Ju dua,

Elder Palmer

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