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Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 Jan 14th email

Hello, how is it going, family?  Good? Good.  So, yeah, mom, the food here just tastes a lot better.  The sufflaqes are incredible, and the pizza is better, so yeah quality is better.  We do eat oranges like champs though.  Yeah, there is definitely more humidity here than in Elbasan, but it wasn't too foggy this week.  Yeah, our zone leaders were transferred to 2nd or 4th branch in Tirana, so yeah we went to Tirana Tuesday for zone training.  P-days here are not much different here than in Elbasan, but I think we have more cities in our district, so we can go to more places if we wanted to.  Not today, though, we ain't doing anything special. 
ok dad:
1)  Families?  I'll say 3 or 4 max.  The rest is just individuals.  It's the second floor of a building, we have one big room for the chapel, a room on the side for relief society, and another for branch President.  Then there's another hall where we have a primary room, a sunday school room (we use that room when meeting with investigators), and a bathroom and a room for cultural activities.
2)  My diet has not changed at all.  We eat pizza and sufflaqes, no fish whatsoever.  We only ate at his house once, and that was at the beginning of transfer.  Man, you guys are gonna hate me, because I probably won't have any recipes for you at all.
3)  Yeah, I can receive photos usually.  I can send like 3 pictures per email, but I can't really send videos, too much memory I guess.  Just backed up my photos yesterday.
Anyway, that's about it from this week.  I was looking at the blog, um, yeah, I am pretty sure that Jacob's brother also served in Puerto Rico as well-(Scott is correct this family in our ward has had 5 sons serve in just 3 missions.)
Anyway, take it easy this week.
Ju dua

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