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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2014 Feb 17th email

What's up?  So, yeah, today was a long day.  Not much of a P-day actually, we're more tired than usual.

What's with the Fiala's getting the same mission calls as friends?  When does he leave?  (Friend going to same mission as another member of his ward.)

Uh, yeah, holding children is not suggested, and I haven't.  (Mission rule I had not known about until I talked to missionaries in our area)

So, yeah, the baptism was awesome!  No, the dad still isn't a member yet.  Working on it, though.  

Jake and Andrea and Eric, count your many blessings....(don't know)

1) It's called Big Market, which is a shop in every major city here in Albania.  Fruits, there are fresh fruit stands, and we are starting to use them again.

2)  yeah, we have activities, not many because the branch's budget isn't too big.  Honestly, other than mutual every wednesday, we haven't had one since I've been here.  They could probably benefit from devotionals from Apostles, if only they were translated.

3) We can drive in our zone, which is the cities of Elbasan, Durrës, Lushnjë, Fier, and Vlorë.  That's like half the mission.  We have to travel for baptismal interviews, which we do for the district leaders' investigators.  Yeah, we drove to Elbasan.  President allows missionaries go to baptisms in other cities if they are performing the ordinance.  So, our boundary is our zone, i.e. those five cities, and Tirana when it's for a good reason, like today getting our new car and getting it inspected.  The limit is 2000 kilometers/month, but we have legit reasons to travel a ton.  We don't abuse our privileges.

4)  Paperwork.  I don't know how many action items they did, we just always asked how many left?  (Audit)

5)  Oh yeah. Every store seems to sell flowers on Valentine's Day.  All the women dress their very best on Valentine's Day, with the best red dress they have.   They go all out on Valentine's Day.

Alright, so this week was pretty good.  Honestly it was pretty routine, at least for serving a mission in Albania.  In all honesty, I can't really think of anything special.  Except, we met this guy on the road who is realy cool, and pretty religious. He goes to a church sorta thing every Friday run by this American guy.  So, when we met the kid on the road, he was trying to one up me saying that he's older than me so he knows more about God than me.  He's 20.  I cleared that up quickly.  Age is respected a lot here.  Then he said (and this is in broken english), "I'm with this guy (he points at a picture of Christ on one of our pamphlets), not with this Mormon guy."  So we told him to read the small letters on the title page.  That got him really interested.  So, we met, had a good lesson.  We hope to meet with him this week.  And that's the exciting thing that happened last week.

Ok, have a great week!  Be safe!  Don't do anything stupid!

Ju dua shumë!

Elder Palmer

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