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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2012 November 11 email

Hello?  How are you good?  With health?  With Strength?  That's what we say to xhaxhis (old men, I think that's how it's spelled) while street contacting.

Alright, I'm just gonna say this now, because I have been meaning to tell y'all this for a while.  Things are a little different here than the Congo.  (Where his brother served a mission)  On Christmas, we will be skyping, not phonecalling.  So, get that skype account created so I'll know who to call.

Sweet, thanks for the box, I'm pretty excited for it, I'll let you know about the price thing when I can.  (Boxed mailed with Christmas/birthday)  Dang, they start school late.  (Siblings don't have to be back to school until 1/7)  When does winter break begin?  12/21/12?  That's a sick joke if the world really does end?  Is there more talk about 12/21/12 now that it's getting closer?

Well, I just figured out that I can send pictures through the wolverine, so I'm sending a ton today to y'all.  Yeah, you'll have a ton of emails today.  Sorry.

Yeah I just checked out the blog.  I have no idea where Thessalonia is specifically.  So, as far as Alabama goes, I don't know anyone who's in the field now from Alabama, but there is an RM from Alabama who served in Albania.  In fact, he actually lived with Sang last fall, he goes by the name of "Freddy," he volunteered a few times in the TRC when I was in the MTC.  Yeah, that Elder from Australia is Elder Woods, he's training Elder Finklea in Tirana right now, haven't really talked to him much, but he seems cool.

So, are you telling me that the Ford Flex is a car that you are considering buying now? (No, just rented it for the weekend.)  I don't know cars at all, so let me know.

So, yeah, we had that exact same lesson yesterday in church, ("Kindness" in the George Albert Smith manual) and in fact, I taught the lesson.  I am now the Elders Quorum Instructor every 2nd and 3rd Sunday of each month.  Man, I thought street contacting every day would take away anxiety of teaching, but no, I taught in butchered Albanian, it was alright.  It was tough involving the members, so in the end, I felt like I was just teaching the missionaries, which was weird, but apparently I did ok. 

So, you said it was 12:20 in Virginia when you wrote this, eh?  That means it was 6:20 here.  We changed time too when you changed time, so I still was asleep for ten more minutes.

Ok, dad:

1)  I really don't know how the YSA works because the missionaries don't really do anything with it, but they have an institute every Saturday at 4:30, I believe.  But, I think the YSA does have a lot of activities that involve the entire country, there's not enough people in just Elbasan to have an activity.

2)  There are like 10 youth in the branch, and there is seminary, and the seminary teacher is 18, she's awesome, she's beginning her mission papers in January.

3)  There are like 2 primary kids in the branch, but there's an orphanage right next to the building where they just walk in and we don't do anything as long as they're quiet, and then they usually do primary.

So, for my quick opinion on sports, all I can say is I am happy that things are going the way they are for the Lakers.  Take that, Laker bandwagon fans.  Of course BYU wins, we're playing a bunch of scrubs now.  How's the basketball team?

So, it's snowing like crazy in Utah, eh?  Dangit, because last year was terrible as far as snow goes in Utah.  Grandma and Grandpa, thank you for helping me get that coat, it is dang useful and convenient.  No, they don't have Thanksgiving in Albania, but we're celebrating it in Tirana next Thursday, which also happens to be mission conference.

Ok, so my time to shine.  So, yeah, this last week we had the baptism of the century, 2 girls, after 2 years of waiting.  I think we had 14 missionaries there, all who either served in Elbasan or are just their companions, and President and Sister Ford came and presided over it.  It was awesome.    We also committed 2 other people to baptism, We're also working with this one girl, a media referral, who likes the church, but she has a ton of questions.  She's awesome, though, and really smart.

So, this week, tomorrow I am actually going to Tirana for midway training.  By the way, I just gotta say, Brits are absolutely hilarious.  Just saying.  Next week, at Thanksgiving, we are having a talent show, and each district has about 7-8 minutes to do something, so Elder Boydell is doing something called "Jake the Peg."  Look it up.  It is funny.  The rest of us will be singing 'eedle eedly um' in the background while he does the main part.  It's absolutely hilarious.

Well, that's about it for this week, enjoy the pictures I sent, it's a good thing I discovered this.  See ya next week!

Ju dua,

Elder Palmer

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