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Monday, November 19, 2012

2012 November 19 email

Hello all.

From what I have heard, we can skype for at least an hour, but I have heard missionaries go on for like 2-2.5 hours, so we'll have time.  I will be in Elbasan, most likely chilling at the Boydell's house, and then we'll probably go to an internet cafe and skype you, don't exactly know what time yet I'll let you know at a later time.  It'll probably be through skype, but that's ok because I created a skype account back when I was normal so you can probably just use that and I'll use an account that the mission gives me.

Well, I did not get my 'Albanized' nametag yet, and I'm disappointed.  It's going to be spelled 'Pallmer,' except the 'e' will have 2 dots above it, so that will be cool, and definitely make the difference while I am proselyting.

I'm glad you like the pictures, I can see the ones you sent me, looks like a good time was had.

(Tell us about the orphanage by the church)  There are probably quite a lot of orphans in it, and between 4-10 come each week, so it really helps our church attendance as we are trying to prepare for a stake next year.  Yeah, since missionaries can't touch them because it's not allowed we mostly just tell them that they need to be quiet and they usually don't like that, but some of the girls sit by them and they're usually more quiet.  They're all little kids.

Yeah, I'll make sure to get the talent show recorded, I haven't seen Elder Boydell do his version of Jake the Peg yet, but apparently in England he is well known for it, so Thanksgiving is going to be a fun day.  On Thanksgiving the entire mission is going to Tirana for mission conference and then for dinner, and then the talent show, and then we'll go back to Elbasan at like 6 or something.  Enjoy Thanksgiving, and the Pie thing, I hope that's a good time.

Sounds like the temple trip was fun, I remember when a temple was near where I was inhabited, but no, not now.  That's cool about the room in the DC and LA temple, DC by far has the best temple in the world, even though Elder Knight keeps trying to tell me that the Laie Hawaii temple is better, I'm gonna have to call a big fat 'me kismet' (maybe, but pretty much means 'no') on that.  (I have no idea what this means, but he hasn't been to Hawaii so he can't really compare the two.  It is Hawaii afterall.)

Ok, dad, you have the turn.

1)  Until Rome Temple is finished, we are in the Frankfurt, Germany district.  Yeah.  I think we try to get 2 trips to the temple every year for the members, and if it's their first time the church will pay for it, otherwise they pay their own way. 

2)  No, 'xh' makes a 'j' sounds.  So jajee, I guess.  I don't think it's offensive, I think it's what they're known as by the Albanian people, but if they appear as an 'old-timer,' they're a xhaxhi.  We don't call them that, we say, 'Zoteri,' which means 'mister.'  It's more respectful.  I have no idea for women

3)  I'm really not sure for phones, because we'll be in Elbasan, I don't know where we'll be able to access any phones that can do international.   And as I said, I don't really know much about the times at this point.

Yeah, these people are talking a little bit about 12/21/12, that's why I was asking, because I wasn't sure how the people in the states are doing as it approaches.

Jake, I told you to stop lying to me.  (Jake tells Scott he does not have a girl friend.)  Do work in Churchball.

Andrea, when you say 'down there,' where the heck is that?  I think I am to the right of you, not below you.

Ok, sports real quick.  Sorry about the U.  The Jazz won some games but can be better, understandable.  From what you said, sounds like Randy Foye is pretty dang good.  Cards lost, but Skins won, ok, 1-2, not bad at all.

Alright, this me and this last week.  So, we went to Tirana, and did midway training.  That was fun, but President Ford gave us an assignment.  We needed to have 20 lessons this week, and that included just going to members houses, if need be, and that was only 3 of them.  The other 17 were with investigators and less active members.  He did this because he said we needed to be teaching and not finding.  Language is getting better, pretty much understand the gist of what people are saying when I talk to them now, so that's good.

Ok, I think that's about it for this week.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and that pie thing, and 3 days off school and work and whatever else you all are doing. 

Ju dau!

Elder Palmer

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