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Monday, November 5, 2012

2012 November 5th email

Hello, how's it going?

Well, it's good to hear that (Hurricane) Sandy did not affect home too much, and I have actually heard a lot about New York and New Jersey, the Albanians pay quite attention to what goes on in America, and I'm gonna keep the people there in my prayers.

For other stuff that I might want, I would probably like some sweats, because it's gonna be getting really cold here real soon.  And maybe some skittles, the ones in the light blue or purple bag, if I have to be specific.  As far as like coats and stuff, I think I'm ok with that stuff because that coat I got from the missionary mall is incredible.  (Yeah!)

So, the move last week was good, things went pretty smoothly.  So, simply, we just switched YSA buildings.  We actually have a legit church building right now, for the time being at least.  Our apartment is separate from the other church buildings, so we didn't move houses.  The purpose of the YSA building is for FHE every Wednesday and to teach investigators.

For English classes, there is beginning, intermediate, and advanced English.  Most are in intermediate English, but Elder Knight and I taught Beginning, but we don't have English this week since we moved buildings.

I don't think anyone else in my district has a blog.

Ok, that makes sense now about Dave, well tell him I say 'yo' and to send me the baby pictures.  Finally, I can be an uncle-in-law.  (Getting married in November....)

So, you (Mom) went tracting to talk about the Mormon Presidential candidate with 2 other Mormons, eh?  That's funny.

I've heard from a few friends from school who are in the field now, they're doing really good I hear.  I lost Colin's address, could you send me that?

So, right now, I am in Alma 35.  The Book of Alma is legit, I love it.  This is the first time I'm reading the Book of Mormon (with a purpose, I guess, I've read it twice before but I didn't pay attention), and it's awesome like actually knowing the stories in them and when someone asks you about those stories you actually know what's going on, because before I started I didn't know jack, and I could really see the difference.

Jake, glad you liked band, write Michael Jordan and send him my congratulations for that 1 win, here's hoping for a few more.

Andrea, glad you love band so much that you don't get bored because Mr. Swartz (the man) is yelling at someone, that's just who he is.

Dad, we didn't do jack for Halloween, but there was a YSA party in Durres, but we didn't go because we're not on our own time right now, but yeah no pumpkins or anything.

Favorite candy bar?  It's called White Lion, it's so good.

Food?  Chipotle.  But, as I said, if it has to be mailable, I do miss skittles like no other, so that would be lovely if you would be willing to send me some, thank you.

Yeah, Albanians are paying quite a bit of attention to the election, and since everyone knows we're Americans, they'll probably let us know by yelling, "Romney" or "Obama!"   No, the people aren't aware that he's Mormon, and honestly we have been told not to use that to gain interest.  The members in the church know, however, and yesterday in Priesthood, our teacher told everyone that it's very important that we all pray that Romney will win the election.

So, from what you've told me about football, BYU is playing nobody, and the Redskins and Cardinals are pretty much how they usually are.  The Jazz lost to New Orleans?  Outside of Anthony Davis, who did they have that made the game difficult?  The Spurs?  We always lose to them.  I feel like we got a pretty stacked team if everyone plays to their potential, but whatever.  Glad to see Marvin Williams is doing well, as well as Mo.

Alright, so this past week.  We actually got something that we had never thought we would get in Albania.  We got a media referral!  I think it's a couple, but not sure, but one of them actually knew a lot about the church because when they traveled to South Korea (yeah, I know right?) with their Mormon friends they talked with the missionaries a lot.  They can speak Albanian, English, French, Spanish, Czeck (which means they can pretty much understand Serbian, Macedonian, Russian, and Slavick), and Korean.  Apparently once you master Albanian, you can learn any language with ease.  But anyway, they're awesome.   Yeah, and yesterday at church, outside of the branch president and missionaries, we had 3 priesthood holders, 2 of them Aaronic.  I blessed the sacrament for the first time in Albanian yesterday, it went just fine.  I'm pretty sure that the ward still thinks I don't understand a lick of Albanian, but I think I can understand between 60-70% now when I talk to people.  I definitely need to work on speaking more, I feel like I have been focusing more on understanding than speaking lately, so I am working on that this week.

So, this Friday, these 2 girls in our branch, after 2 years are getting baptized.  This is so significant that every missionary in Albania that has served in Elbasan is trying to come, as well as the Fords and the assistants as well.  I'm pretty sure this is going to be the biggest event Albania has this week.  It's incredible.

Well, for any of my friends reading this blog, feel free to take the time to send a letter to a kid in Albania who hasn't gotten much mail since I hit the field, as a missionary I invite others to make commitments, so, as I say to my investigators, I encourage you to make this commitment, and I promise you that you will be blessed beyond all belief for sending me a letter.

OK, well that's really all I got for this week.  Hope everyone is doing well, feel free to email me pictures of what you guys look like, after all it's been 3 1/2 months.  Ok, see ya next week!

Ju dua

Elder Palmer

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