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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 Jan 6th email

Wow, Eric is married now.....

So, yeah, we had a busy first week in Lushnje.  We do travel a lot, there are a lot of villages nearby Lushnje that have members, and we did a lot of visiting this last week.  So, I don't know how many members in the Branch exactly, but there as 53 in church yesterday which is a really good number for Lushnje.  The Branch President grew up in Utah, but he and his family have lived in Virginia for a few years while he was doing training.  I forgot the name of the city.  But, he does security I believe.  Yeah, I can definitely sympathize with a ward clerk when I get home.  

So, the stake should be formed March 8 & 9.

1)  Juvenilje is just the name of the restaurant, at least as far as I know.  No, not Juvenle.

2)  So, in my MTC group, 5 of the 7 of us go to BYU.  One will do SUU and another will go to ISU.  I don't know how many before the mission went to BYU, but there are several that have applied to transfer to BYU or that have decided that they will attend BYU once they're done.  

3)  How small it is.  It is puny.  I have now done big city, normal city, now I am in borderline village.

OK, so like I said, we do a lot of branch work, which involves buying food for members.  We did a lot of that last week, which makes me appreciate everything I have.

Anyway, lesson-wise, we had 3 investigators in church yesterday.  So, I don't have anything super-interesting to say, but the work here is going very well!

Ok, everyone, have a great week!  Be safe!  Don't do anything stupid!

Ju dua shumë!

Elder Palmer

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