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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 Dec 9th email

 Christmas card

Hey, what's going on?  I just remembered that my birthday is this month, that's scary.

Ok, so, I got a letter from the Bertonneau family, good to hear they are doing well.  But, Sister Bertonneau hinted something that kinda scared me.  So, I know we'll talk more on Christmas, but I'll be honest, I would really prefer it if you don't come pick me up at the end of my mission.  I have always wanted that moment in the airport when you see your family for the first time after 2 years.  So, yeah, I would really prefer that you don't pick me up.  Sister Bertonneau said in her letter you wanted to do that, but I would prefer not.  Dad and Andrea have their 14-year old trip this year anyway, so I would say save some money and we could go back in like a year or something. 

Yes, Elder Knight is going home at the end of the month.  (Scott's trainer.)  That is weird. He was supposed to be my first companion I would ever have that's home.  It weirds me out.


1)  Skype.  Let's plan for 6 PM, my time, so 12 PM your time, assuming you'll be in Virginia.

2)  So, Elder Pierce and I are committed to running 3 times/week.  We have a pretty good course, hopefully at least a mile, but there's lots of hills.

3)  I dunno, I'm tryna be smart with my money at this point.  So, with this in mind, start thinking of what you want from me to get for you all for June.  I'm in Tirana which is a great city to get souvenirs, but I'm not guaranteed to stay here, so have everything ready by Christmas.

Anyway, Jazz stink, but the Cardinals could make the playoffs!

So, this week, a cool thing happened.  So, we had zone training, and it turns out the Sisters in 2nd/4th Branch had continued teaching a mom and daughter that Elder Knight and I taught over a year ago! (slaps self in the face....).  And, I had the privilege of baptizing the daughter on Saturday!  The mom can't get baptized yet.  Anyway, it was cool, cuz I had no idea she was even being taught.

Also, we have another investigator.  We had trouble meeting him during the week, but he came to church on Sunday, and he really enjoyed it!  I also had to give a talk, on the Restoration, yesterday.  I didn't prepare very well, but I managed to last over 10 minutes.

So, I decided I have made a goal for the rest of my mission.  I am gonna baptize a dude.  All 6 of my baptisms are girls.  Ima find that future Stake President and baptize the heck outta him!
Also, our zone had a special fast this week for a long list of less-active members, and we saw small miracles occur from it!  A less active came to 4th Branch yesterday and bore his testimony apparently, and this lady in 1st Branch who kinda disappeared randomly showed up apparently!  So, we did see the fruits of our labors.

Also, this morning we went to Mount Dajti, a mountain in Tirana, and cut down a Christmas tree for our  house.

I love you all lots!  Have a good week!  Be safe!  Don't do anything stupid!

Ju dua!

Elder Palmer

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