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Sunday, December 9, 2012

2012 December 3rd email

Hey family, how's it going?

Man, it's warm back home, ain't it?  (65 + degrees)  It's started to cool down just a bit this week, but apparently the coldest doesn't come till January, so that'll be fun.  Yeah, I know dad weighs like nothing now, don't rub it in.  Kidding.

Yes, I got the package, thank you all so much it's awesome.  I am currently using the countdown calendar to Christmas.  Speaking of Christmas, for when we skype you'll just have to create your own account, and I'll just use my old skype account, I think I remember the password and everything.  I have no idea about what time yet, I'll let you know soon, probably the p-day before we skype.

Good luck with the Christmas program.  Yeah, we can listen to Christmas music, if it's appropriate.

Tell Spencer I say 'Congratulations.'  (Engaged)

So, how does the church basketball team look this year?  Champions?

No, people here don't make Christmas a big deal.  The only place I have seen decorations are in the YSA center and the couple's house.  This is gonna be weird, this Christmas.

Andrea, I am sorry that you're smarter than everyone.

Jake, glad you like school.  This is the best year of high school you'll have.  (sophomore)

Dad, stop mocking me, I know I am the fattest one in the family now.

Ok, dad's questions:

1)  President Ford is about to reach a year and a half, and they will go home I think just like 3 weeks before I go home, so yeah.  The Boydells have been out 6 months and now have just under a year left.

2)  Albanians, I love them to death.  I would say they are quite family oriented, a lot more than what America is becoming.

3)  I think there are either 4 or 6 missionaries in Kosovo, and one companionship in Macedonia and Montenegro.  Yeah, Macedonia is 50-50 Macedonian (but they can communicate with Serbian) and Albanian.  Yeah, I could serve in Macedonia at some point, and Kosovo as well.  But I would prefer to be fluent before I go there.

Also, during this last week was the celebration of the 100 years of Albania being an independent state, and so President told us to be inside early on Wednesday and Thursday.  Nothing happened at all in Elbasan, it was dead quiet.  Only in Tirana and in Vlore were there major parties in the country.  We are also working on strengthening Melchezikek Priesthood holders because we have district priesthood meeting on December 15, and we want to get as many people there as we can for that.

The language is coming along, I think I can speak pretty well, but for some reason for the last couple days I have been struggling a bit more than I have lately with understanding, I don't know what it is.  Last week I would say I could usually understand about 80-90% of what people say to me, and now I feel like I'm back to like 60%.  And that's with Albanians, with missionaries I have no problem understanding them.

Other than that, it's been a pretty good week, nothing else interesting going on in the boring city of Elbasan.  Take care, have a good week!

Ju dua!

Elder Palmer

PS:  Dad, po, kam ftohte.  (Yes, I'm cold)

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