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Monday, December 10, 2012

2012 December 10th email

Hey family, how's it going?

So, first of all, a bit congratulations to Ha Young for being called to serve in the Boston mission!  Is she speaking English?  (Ward member's mission call!)

Glad yall enjoyed this week.  They still haven't picked Jake's band teacher?   That's gjynave (I think that's how it's spelled, meaning 'messed up')  Glad yall enjoyed the Christmas activity, and hopefully Jake enjoyed the Hollyball.  I'll try to distinguish the letters, but I doubt I will since I don't really know anyone in the youth anymore.  (Youth members wrote letters to the missionaries during a stake dance)

Yeah, Elder Knight and I already destroyed the two big bags of skittles you sent me, and we're working on the little packages.  It has gotten freaking cold here too, so I have already broken out the warm clothing so I won't die, and I am pretty sure I already know what the Christmas present is, so that you, hopefully it will be very useful.  Yes, we love the root beer float gum, it's fantastic.

Yeah, the language was better this week, it's just everyone is telling me that after 2 months in the field they didn't really have any troubles with understanding, and I feel like I could be a lot better than I am right now still, but this week was definitely better than last.  I just looked through Chase's blog to find the picture, apparently when he brought up Jeremy just getting his mission call he accidentally wrote that he's going to Albania and not Armenia, that's pretty funny.

Andrea, glad you enjoyed going to elementary schools and performing for them.  (It is happening this week...)

Jake, I am glad you feel accomplished, but that stinks because I never had to do a research paper in high school until junior year.

K Dad,

1) Cash?  So far so good.
2) Desert?  I haven't really tried very many, but I like tre lace (I think that's how it's spelled).  (Well, he can't spell dessert in English)

Ok sorry I don't have much time now so I'll write this quick.  So this week we got 20 lessons down this week, it was exhausting but rewarding.  We got 2 potential new investigators, one is from Greece and he and his friend both came to church yesterday and liked it. We also have General Priesthood meeting this Saturday in Durres, and we are trying to get like 4 less active MP holders there.  Ok, sorry, I didn't have too much time to write this week because we're going to some city nearby that I don't know it's name, and we have to leave soon.  Take care!

Ju dua!

Elder Palmer

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  1. Hi Elder Scott Robert Palmer.

    My name is Alexander Marca Dávila. I´m from Perú.
    Im going to New York,South mission. I´m pretty excited. I´d like to know how is the mission in Albania. I have a friend over there and she is going to the church and theres a missionar Elder Woods who is teaching her. She will be baptized soon.

    Thanks for your time. If you can give me your adress will be a pleasure to talk to you.

    God bless you Elder Scott Robert Palme.
    Take care.